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Considerate: Foxmail 6.0 beta 3 the beginning of experience

In mid-April, Foxmail 6.0 beta 3 (hereinafter referred to as beta 3) release. Although the functions do not have much progress, but still fine-tuning to do a lot of changes to become more useful new features. Here I take a look on the following, Foxmail 6.0 beta 3 to our pleasant surprise.

1, little change in the interface

First install Foxmail 6.0 beta 3, then start. From the start the interface point of view and the previous version does not change, only the version number into the beta2 beta3 (Figure 1). The main interface change is not great, and the previous version is almost no difference, but in some nuances have changed very little.

Figure 1 Foxmail 6 Beta 3 of the start interface

After some time I try, beta 3 performance in very stable, not been any problems. In the beta 2 version is not out of the bug can not be shut down have also been resolved.

In beta 1 the RSS reading functionality to add, in the beta 3 has been further improved. Personal use, and found the original information of the time to read RSS shortened from the original ten seconds reduced to only a few seconds, shortening the time to read the information to a third of the original. And author of Intelligent ABC input method previously used, and then run Foxmail, the main interface will appear flashing situation. Mailing list in the switching time, is also prone to flash the main interface. In the latest beta 3 version which was finally resolved this issue, no matter what the situation will not be the main interface Foxmail flashing on the other.

Second, build email address book automatically

In previous versions Foxmail among others the letter issued after the complete e-mail address is not automatically added to the address book are in need can be added manually. Other e-mail management software, such as DreamMail, e-mail address is automatically added to support the function. Fortunately enough the latest Foxmail 6.0 beta 3 which, I found that sending messages to others, the other's e-mail address is automatically added to the address book. Although you can add directly to the e-mail address, but only automatically adds email addresses, names need to be added manually before they can (Figure 2), so this feature appears to some tasteless. If we are to automatically add e-mail address at the time, also add the recipient's name the better.

Figure 2 automatically add the address also need to add the name

Third, the mailing list to allow return to the traditional style

Foxmail from 6.0 introduced a new mailing list style, so that messages can be grouped. Function is similar to Gmail messages automatically grouping. View the message can bring a lot of convenience. But not everyone likes. In previous versions of the list can not be restored to the traditional style, beta 3 to allow the mailing list to return to the traditional way. Through the menu "View" => "Show in Groups" option is canceled (Figure 3), so that the mailing list to restore the traditional style (Figure 4).

Figure 3 The new group mailing list

Figure 4 traditional mailing list

4, adjusted in order to support e-mail folder

New messages in the folder can Foxmail, will be charged to the letters of different people into different e-mail folder automatically. But e-mail folder is set up, can not change the location. In beta 3 in this case has changed. Can use the mouse to drag and drop e-mail folder, easily change their position, but not delete the re-established. In fact, this feature is very simple, do not know why-teng Xun the company achieved in this version only if the previous version have this feature, then I would not have so much trouble.

5, support for exporting, importing anti-spam black / white lists and Bayesian Popescu

Increased black / white lists and Bayesian Popescu is the biggest bright spot Foxmail 6.0. With it, you need not worry about spam. A previous version of the greatest shortcoming, it is unable to import the bulk black / white lists and Bayesian Popescu, can automatically be updated. This is not very user friendly.

beta 3 to change this situation, you can find the latest Bayeux Popescu online listings and their own definitions of black / white list into Foxmail in. Can also click on the "Export" button to the existing black / white lists and Bayesian Popescu back up or share with them their own Bayeux Popescu.

Figure 5 Bayesian filtering the relevant settings

6, write e-mail address auto-completion feature enhanced

Used IE's friends all know that when typing the URL in the address bar, IE will automatically display and type characters to match the address, this is IE's "auto complete" feature. Beta 3 also increased in a similar function. When you enter e-mail address, just enter a letter before the message will automatically add the e-mail the next section (Figure 6) to facilitate input-mail address.

Figure 6 Enter e-mail address auto-completion time

But do a little less than that if you want to write the address did not want people to know, Foxmail 6.0 beta 3 This new feature will disclose his secret, and can not be deleted, unless we can re-install Foxmail. This new feature seems to have convenient side and inconvenient side, If we are able to choose whether to auto-completion on the mailing list like a, so that it can effectively protect our privacy.

7, in the scrap box to delete messages, delete messages from the server at the same time

When we set up accounts, they usually choose to accept messages from the server and remain on the server, this way both in Foxmail in any operation, the server will not be changed. But the message we received when Foxmail receive some junk mail, usually is to delete these spam messages. But by the above settings, just delete Foxmail, and not on the server to delete. In Foxmail 6.0 beta 3 can be by setting, in the scrap box to delete messages at the same time from the server to delete the corresponding message.

In Foxmail 6.0 beta 3 settings, select General, then in the following "in the scrap box to delete messages from the server at the same time remove the corresponding message" stamped in front of a pigeon (Figure 11), so remove the scrap pieces of boxes in which the message When the mail server to delete the same time. But I recommend you this feature to be used with caution, because once deleted can not be restored.


On the whole Foxmail 6.0 beta 3 at the interface is not much change in functionality is also no major changes. But there are many nuances have been changed, from this point of view to work out the strict attitude of Tencent. All this is only beta version of it, I believe the official version in Foxmail 6.0 will have more improvements, more complete, more powerful. Here I hope Foxmail farther good, get more people to love.

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